Fantasia Ceiling Fans 

What Makes a Ceiling Fan Quiet?

No-one wants to install a ceiling fan in their bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter) only to find that on a hot summer's evening it is the hum of the fan that is keeping them awake instead of the heat!

So what makes a ceiling fan quiet? The most straightforward answer to this question is - superior materials and superior workmanship. Factors such as:

High Quality Fan Motor

LARGE CEILING FAN MOTOR - Suitable for the size of the blades and the speeds of the fan  

HIGH QUALITY BEARINGS - Sealed and maintenance-free


HIGH GRADE COPPER WINDINGS - for clean conductivity  

Fantasia Ceiling Fans have been making the UK's best ceiling fans for over 35 years and continue to lead the market when it comes to quality, product development and - not forgetting - style and design. When you buy a Fantasia ceiling fan from us, you can buy with confidence as we back up these promises with our 14 day no-quibble money back guarantee.

Finally, it's important to remember that there is no such thing as a silent ceiling fan. All ceiling fans have a motor and motors by their nature make some noise - the key is to limit the noise from the fan to a level that isn’t materially louder than the ambient background noise.