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Fantasia Fans With Lights

All the Fantasia fans featured here are ceiling fans with lights. When a light is fitted to a Fantasia ceiling fan it is always operated independently from the fan so you can have the ceiling fan on and the light off or the other way round. Fantasia ceiling fans with lights wire in to a normal lighting circuit and installing one is a simple DIY job. Many of these Fantasia fans also come complete with a remote control to dim the fan light and turn it on and off. A remote control also operates the speeds of the fan. Those ceiling fans that do not have a remote control as standard can have one added as an optional extra. See our Ceiling Fan Controllers section for more information on remote controls and wall controls for Fantasia fans.

Some of the Fantasia fans with lights featured here are also available without lights, please see individual product descriptions or our Ceiling Fans without Lights section for more details.