Fantasia Ceiling Fans 


Q. Why Choose a Fantasia Fan?

A. Fantasia fans are not the cheapest on the market but this is due to their many superior qualities. The silicon steel motors are larger, meaning more air movement, and have double sealed bearings to ensure durability and quiet operation. All metal finishes are double lacquered to eliminate tarnishing. Elite fans are supplied with a 15 year warranty, Fantasia fans with a 10 year warranty and Eurofans with a 5 year warranty.

Q. Are Fantasia ceiling fans difficult to fit?

A. Installing a Fantasia ceiling fan is a straightforward DIY job as fan with or without lights can be wired into an existing lighting circuit - no additional wiring is required. If you are in any doubt about the installation of your fan then consult a qualified electrician. Our Wiring Diagrams  section provides more information on the different methods for installing and operating a ceiling fan.

Q. Are Fantasia ceiling fans noisy and do they wobble?

A. Fantasia fans are a popular choice for bedrooms because the run so quietly. Competitors’ fans can be noisy and may wobble because they are made from lower quality materials. Fantasia fans run quietly and, even when fitted with a drop rod, are very stable.

Q. What size fan should I choose?

A. For a room with a standard 8ft ceiling, recommended sizes are as follows:

36” fan for a room up to 12ft x 12ft
42” fan for a room up to 12ft x 14ft
52” fan for a room up to 15ft x 15ft
Two fans will usually be required for a room larger than 15ft x 15ft

If you are installing a ceiling fan in a conservatory or south facing room then we suggest that you increase the fan size relative to the room size to allow for the higher temperatures reached in these areas.

Q. How can I control the speed of my Fantasia ceiling fan?

A. Fantasia ceiling fans have either a remote control, wall control or an integral pull switch to operate the 3 forward and 3 reverse speeds. Fans that comes with a pull cord can be upgraded to wall control or remote control operation. If a fan does not have a pull cord then it will be supplied complete with a remote or wall control as specified. See individual product descriptions for more information.

Q. Can Fantasia ceiling fans be operated from a wall control?

A. Fantasia fans can be operated by a single Wall Control or, if the fan has a light, a separate Wall Control and Lighting Dimmer - our Wiring section gives more information on wiring in a wall control or see our Fan Controllers page for more information. A standard dimmer switch cannot be used to adjust fan speeds. The low energy DC motor fans cannot be operated via a wall control, only with the remote system that is supplied. 

Q. How much does a Fantasia ceiling fan cost to run?

A. Fantasia ceiling fans run off the standard lighting circuit (5 amp) and are very economical to run, costing approximately 5p for 8 hours at high speed – less than a 100w light bulb. The winter setting on our fans re-circulates warm air trapped at ceiling level, eliminating cold spots and draughts and distributing room heat without creating a cooling draft. Used correctly, a fan can save as much as 10% on energy bills during winter months.

Fantasia's exclusive range of low energy DC motor fans take your household power supply and convert this to a low voltage supply for the windings, thereby consuming 60% less electricity than a traditional AC motor fan.

Q. What is the wattage of a fan motor?

A. The power rating of our fan motors ranges from 30 watts (the low energy Alpha, Delta, Omega and Zeta) to 75 watts. The average fan motor is 65 watts. Generally speaking, the larger the fan the higher the motor wattage.

Q. What is the minimum mounting height for a fan?

A. The British Standards Institute recommends that the blades should be no less than 7ft 6” from the floor.

Q. How do I work out which drop rod length I require when fitting the ceiling fan on a high ceiling on into a conservatory?

A. The Drop Rod length is determined by the ceiling height. The optimum height from the floor to the blade is between 7ft6” and 9ft and flush mounted fans (Mayfair, Gemini, Capri, Amalfi) will require a Conversion Kit to fit a drop rod.

Q. Can Fantasia ceiling fans be installed on a sloping ceiling?

A. Fantasia ceiling fans can be installed up to an angle of 20° for 27mm drop rod fans and 30° for 22mm drop rod fans;. A minimum of 6” must be allowed between the tip of the blade and the slope of the ceiling, or any other obstruction.

Q. Does the fan require any maintenance or cleaning?

A. All Fantasia ceiling fans have permanently sealed bearings, double lacquered surfaces and do not require maintenance. An occasional light dusting with a soft cloth is all that is required and it is suggested that all fixings/screws are tightened annually.

Q. Can I buy and fit a light kit to my ceiling fan at a later date?

A. Most Fantasia ceiling fans are light-adaptable and a light can be fitted at any time. Some Fantasia ceiling fans come complete with an integral light which cannot be removed or changed – see the model specification for details. The Blade are the only Fantasia fans which cannot be fitted with a light. Lights are available in a wide selection of styles and finishes to complement almost any décor. See our Halogen and Standard Lighting sections for more information.

Q. Can I change the blades on my fan to a different finish?

A. All blades are interchangeable within one particular model e.g. a Stainless Steel Viper fan can be fitted with blades from any other Viper ceiling fan. Blades are often interchangeable between ranges as well e.g. a Gemini ceiling fan can take a Mayfair ceiling fan blade.

Q. What are Fantasia ceiling fan blades made of?

A. The Palm and Medina ceiling fan blades are acrylic. The Splash and Blade fan blades are ABS. The low energy Zeta fan blades are made from eco-friendly sustainable Paulownia Wood. All other fan blades are made from fibreboards, carefully selected for their low weight, strength and stability. The blades are then coated with the appropriate finish. Only our Commercial ceiling fans have metal blades and these must be mounted a minimum of 10ft from the floor for safety reasons - they are not suitable for domestic installations.

Q. Is there any room where I can't fit a Fantasia ceiling fan?

A. The Bathroom is the only domestic room where we do not recommend the use of our ceiling fans.